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UTOPIA CORPORATION is comprised of a strong team of first-class talents who are exceptionally proficient in marketing, development, construction and operation. UTOPIA will continue to expand and bring on further capable individuals to be a part of our growth. The Management of Utopia is fully aware of the opportunities in the rapid development growth but hasn’t neglected the importance of quality control for each and every part of its operation, the professionalism of its production line and precision of the company’s business deliveries. A rigorous and meticulous quality assurance system is the foundation that will allow the company to propel itself into a successful future.

Chief Officers

Mr. Hachi Lina Yin

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ms. Zanmei Huang (Praisie)

Chief Growth Officer (CGO)


Ms. Liyuan Sun (Winnie)

Sales Director (Asia Pacific)

Ms. Boonyada Anusiri (Pan)

Purchasing Director

Mr. Palakorn Jantasiri (Singha)

Finance Director

Mr. Thirachat Siksamat (Nook)

Hotel Account & Finance Director

Ms. Sirintip Wathanarak (Joy)

Revenue Management Director

Mr. Paranyoo Banchuen (A)

Project Director

Assistant Directors

Ms. Onuma Dumku (Sai)

Director PA UCORP

Mr. Alessandro Murgia (Alex)

Assistant Sales Director (Europe)

Ms. Benjamas Theerapat (Belle)

Assistant Talent & Acquisition Director

Ms. Patima Kinglek (Far)

Assistant Operation Director

Ms. Siriluck Koysombat (Nang)

Assistant Hotel Account & Finance Director

Ms. Srinuan Daengklin (Nuan)

Assistant Reservation Director

Ms. Baralida Kirtiputra (Nan)

Assistant Sales Director

Ms. Nopparada Peeranon (Nora)

Assistant Marcom Director

Ms. Nisarat Rattanaprasit (Noon)

Director PA UHG

Ms. Supattra Inaim (Mam)

Director PA UCG

Ms. Onuma Wihok (Tarn)

Assistant Maintenance Director

Name - Lastname


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